Play-DOH contains wheat?? DOH!

Celiac Mom: “Play-DOH @playdoh contains wheat!”
Homer Simpson: “DOH!”

Hope all your celiac kids had a very Happy Halloween!! If any of them received any play-doh in their trick-or-treat goodie bags, you may want to think twice before handing it over. Play-doh contains wheat, which obviously means that it contains gluten, and while many of our kids are wise enough not to eat play-doh, kids are very likely to rub their messy play-doh hands all over their face, eyes and mouth. You can always purchase gluten free play-doh, or even whip up a safe batch of your own.

On a side note, this was my son’s first gf Halloween since being diagnosed with celiac disease, and lemme tell ya, what a difference a year makes! (Not to mention a gluten free diet). Last year at age 4, we only made it to 4 houses, with major meltdowns at each. My son kicked every front door, screamed, and was furious to find out that he couldn’t go in the houses. This year we successfully trick-or-treated for nearly 2 hours without a single meltdown. So thankful to have pinpointed his pain and to be able to help him thrive once again.

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