Can I order Alpha Omicron Pi(e) gluten free?

Life is ironed with irony. As I sit here watching the Cubs/Cards game, I wonder how many future celiac moms or undiagnosed celiac sorority sisters are currently rushing around their campuses, wearing sheaf of wheat new member pins, unaware that consuming wheat may actually wear away their small intestine. As a new member pledging my loyalty to AOPi over a decade ago, I wore this pin with pride, supporting all that the sheaf stood for – that as individual college students, we were bound together by ties of friendship and made stronger together than we were apart. My sorority friendships have indeed made me stronger, as many of my “sisters” continue to stand by my side, helping me support celiac kids like my son and spread celiac awareness. I value tradition, but the times, they are a changing, and maybe it’s time for Alpha Omicron Pi and other organizations to be more inclusive, more respectful of food allergies and autoimmune disorders, and consider a new symbol?

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