Fries with a Side of Surprise

Even though 90% of the time we all eat gluten free at home, Ian’s Alphatots by Ian’s Natural Foods makes it super easy to know whose plate is whose to avoid any risk of cross contamination. Pair them with some juicy, gluten free AmyLu’s Apple and Gouda Chicken Sausage from ATK Foods (*this product can be found at your local Costco) for a fun and fancy alternatives to hotdogs and french fries.

The message behind Ian’s Natural Foods is as wholesome as the tots themselves. Since 2001, the company’s been committed to distributing simple, natural foods that kids with food allergies can love. My son Kyle used to get SO HAPPY over a little happy meal. Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in June of 2017, McDonald’s  is nothing more than a happy memory for him, but thanks to Ian’s Natural Foods, my guy Ky gets a little of the fries with a side of surprise he once loved back in his life.

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