Where can celiac kids go, when they’re in New Buffalo?

This past weekend, we packed up our cooler of gluten free must haves (SkinnyPop, Snyder’s Pretzels, Kirkland Signature Organic Apples Sauce pouches, peanut butter, Jennie-O turkey franks, Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip soft baked cookies, and last but not least, M&Ms), and hit the open road for the beautiful harbor town of New Buffalo, Michigan. This town is like a magnet. Year after year, with its location only an hour and a half from Chicago, we’re just drawn to it. It’s warm sunsets, sandy beaches and blue waters are simply enchanting. And now, many of the classic restaurants are chanting “Gluten Free!” as well, and as a celiac parent, that is just pure music to my pure Michigan vacationing ears.

Michigan getaway? I say, get away to the Stray! The Stray Dog Bar and Grill, located along the coast of Lake Michigan, is not only fresh, fun and family friendly, it’s also celiac friendly. There is even a very kind, very knowledgeable allergy specialist on staff. As a customer, this enables you to ask questions about the menu and arrange for any personal or child dietary requests to be met and ensure that no cross contamination issues occur. My celiac kid ordered a grilled chicken and fruit cup from the kids menu. He ate the whole chicken and scarfed down a side of sunset for dessert.

Redamak’s, located a few blocks from the shore, is READY to make you and your celiac kid happy! This New Buffalo, Michigan stable now offers a one page gluten free menu. Although the gf menu is limited, the staff were very accommodating to visitors with food allergies and were very willing to cook our celiac son’s grilled chicken sandwich separately to avoid any cross contamination concerns.

Barney’s, a general store in New Buffalo, is far from general. They are stocked with many specific brand names, and gluten free brand names at that. In fact, my Sunday Shoutout this week goes to one of those very brands that we saw on Barney’s shelves this weekend and just had to have to make our getaway WAY more fun: Kinnikinnick Smoreables! Wowzers! These graham crackers are incredibly savory! My celiac son sure had a graham old time roasting some Jet-Puffed Marshmallows around the bonfire.

Thank you New Buffalo, Michigan, The Stray Dog Bar and Grill, Redamak’s, and Barney’s for a weekend of ease, consideration and yummy eats. We sure felt at home across the lake. Thank you for enabling us to enjoy some relaxation and family time without wasting time worrying about our family.

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