Don’t let gluten trespass; opt for glass!

7 years ago, I received the most beautiful wooden cutting board from one of my favorite “make your home look and feel better” stores, Crate and Barrel. It had been a wedding shower gift, and for the past 7 years I’ve showered it with oil, love and countless recipes that it even seems to have forgiven me for all of the cuts and scratches I’ve caused it to endure along the way. Our relationship had been as solid as the board itself, until recently.

Recently, my son Kyle was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. You wouldn’t necessarily imagine that his diagnosis would affect my basic kitchen necessities (with the one major exception being of food, but it has. At our first meeting following his biopsy, Kyle’s dietician clued us in to the loitering habits of gluten. Gluten containing crumbs can cling to and hide inside even the smallest nook and cranny of a wooden cutting board or a plastic container. Even the most skilled hand washers may not be able to get their hands on these teeny tiny crumbs, which may, unknowingly, inevitably lead to cross contamination practices. Concerned for Kyle’s tummy, his dietician suggested we either purchase new wooden cutting boards and plastic food storage containers to be used only for gluten free foods, or we switch to glass products. Glass cutting boards can be easily, and thoroughly cleaned. There is zero risk of any grains lingering behind, the way they might between grains of wood. Class storage containers are wonderful for the same reason, plus you can safely microwave leftovers without needing to transfer foods to a microwaveable safe dish. Although I haven’t been able to part with my particularly perfect looking wooden cutting board (it currently rests vertically on my kitchen counter and acts as a decorative little backsplash), we’ve followed our dietician’s advice: Don’t let gluten trespass; opt for glass!

We’ve also recently found a new home for our other favorite friend, Mr. Cuisinart Toaster. Even the strictest of gluten free diets cannot remove every single gluten containing grain from a toaster’s insides and cure its gut lining. We hope to purchase a replacement in the near future to use strictly for gluten free bread products, such as with our new favorites, Udi’s bagels and Udi’s hamburger buns. Until that happens, we’ve simply been defrosting the Udi’s bread products in the microwave, and Udi-lally are they good either way!

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