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Time is precious. Priceless even. Especially time away from work. I find this to be true every day, and even more so during the school year when the days get shorter and our schedules get fuller. And it’s for this very reason that I came to depend on a good old fashioned ham and cheddar lunchable whenever 8:30 on a work night rolled around, and I suddenly found myself stuck in a pickle with multiple meals to prepare for the next day’s picnic. The second I’d make eye contact with a stack of perfectly ready to go lunchables in the back of my fridge, I’d STOP. And breath an immediate sigh of relief. Sure I’d cut up some fruit, and pack a few carrots to balance out the meal, but at least I knew that “me time” would most definitely find its way back on that calendar that evening.

Since my son Kyle was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, that stack of perfectly ready to go lunchables in the back of my fridge has been replaced with a larger variety of fresh fruits and a greater quantity of carrots. Not necessarily a bad thing. Just a thing. An evil, time stealer thing. Other than Annie’s Gluten Free Microwavable Macs (a MUST in our house), there are very few cost effective products that I can simply peel back a film and say, “Bon Appetit! Lunch is served!” There’s the option to order and stack up on similar gluten free products from Go Picnic, but, with averaging $2.00 more per meal than your basic lunchable, it’s definitely the more expensive option. There’s also the fact that Kyle’s a relatively picky eater, and, although it looks appealing to me, there’s a good chance that he’d appeal an order of edamame kale dip and plantain chips. In the case of Lunchable vs. Go Picnic, familiar covers fancy.

Kids love lunchables, and the thing that they love the most is that they can see what they’re eating before their tastebuds and tummies get ahold of it. They have the power. The control. The three basic ingredients are right there. Perfectly separated for them to stare down and manipulate as they see fit. Sounds simple enough, so why hasn’t Lunchables created an eatable lunchable for Celiac kids to love, and their parents to stack up in the back of their fridge? As a Celiac parent, I’d love to walk out of my local grocery store with a sense of relief, knowing that lunchables have gone Gfree and brought back the “me time” to my nightly calendar routine. Until then, Kyle and I have become pretty fond of putting together our own gluten free lunchables. It may not be as simple as peeling back a film and having at it, but it’s healthier, cheaper and a recipe we’re ABLE to do together.


Glutino Gluten Free Original Crackers

Krakus Sliced Polish Ham

Cheddar Cheese


Totally simple! Cut up a slice of cheese and a slice of gluten free ham, and let the creativity commence. Hope your child enjoys putting his or her gluten free eatable lunchables together! Bon Appetit!

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