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Road trips with children often call for that little oomph of extra effort, and when you simply can’t stop to refuel with a burger at McDonald’s or a taco at Taco Bell, traveling long distances can quickly turn into major quests for survival. Sure, before your head out on your journey you can pack a hearty picnic of naturally gluten free products such as carrots, grapes, cheese sticks, and classic Lay’s potato chips. You can even toss in some reputable gluten free yummies like Snyder’s Pretzel Sticks or Enjoy Life’s Soft Baked Cookies. But when it comes to wanting to stretch your legs – and your taste buds – and stop to eat as a family, what can you do? Where can you go? How can you trust which restaurants are truly celiac friendly versus those that simply cater to gluten free as a preference?

All of the freshness, safe cooking practices, and mealtime normalcy you’re craving, especially on a family road trip, may just be at the tip of your fingertips. The Find Me Gluten Free app helps you eat out gluten free. And not out of a supermarket, or out of a picnic basket, but out in the real world during a real “we’re tired of being trapped in the car for 8 hours, and would give anything to sit down and eat and laugh as a family” kind of scenario. The app is currently free for both iPhone and Android apps. You simply enter your current location, or plan ahead of time and type in where you foresee yourself stopping in the near future, and the app will generate a list of restaurants in the desired area. For each restaurant, the app will note if they offer a gluten free menu and whether that menu can be considered celiac friendly. Customers can rate their experiences based on a 5 star rating scale.

While driving from Chicago, IL. to South Carolina for our annual family vacation this past July, we used this app as a guide, as a starting point for generating conversations with those restaurants that gained our interest. Sometimes restaurants would pop up in the app as having a gluten free menu, but they wouldn’t necessary say that they were celiac friendly. So, we would give the restaurant a call, explain that our son has celiac disease, ask about their cooking practices, and decide whether or not we felt comfortable having him eat their food. We ended up spending the night in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and were beyond thrilled – jumping for the moon thrilled – that the Find Me Gluten Free app stumbled upon Good Dog. 100% of 12 votes in the app suggested this hot dog and fries joint was not only gluten free, but also celiac friendly. We called the restaurant prior to our arrival, and they assured us that their dawgs could be prepared with total consideration for our son’s gluten intolerance. We may never have found this gem without the fresh Find Me Gluten Free app. How lucky are we to live in a time of such technology, where people still care enough to create products that convenience other people. Now this is an app your whole family can chow down on!

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