Celebrate morning with the perfect GF PanCAKES!

PanCAKES! By far the best cake to celebrate morning. Pancakes in our house are extra special because it means that we’re not in any major rush. We can let our morning yawn, stretch and have a chance to wake up a bit before we shake it up a bit. Since my son Kyle was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in June, we’ve had to mix both our ingredients and our routines up somewhat differently, but our morning party’s still very much on. So far, our favorite gluten free pancake batter mixes include Hungry Jack Funfetti Pancake Mix by Hungry Jack Foods and Pamela’s Pancake Mix by Pamela’s Products. Although these brands are good, to boost the flavor, we simply add one pureed banana (I just cut it up, mash it up with a whisk, and whisk it until the consistency is nice and smooth) and squeeze in some gluten free agave nectar by Wholesome Sweet Products to taste. A side of fresh fruit, a scoop of peanut butter, and a sausage link by Jones Dairy Farm complement the pancakes, and make this gluten free breakfast worthy of two thumbs from Kyle. Thanks to his diagnosis, and these wonderful gluten free products, Kyle’s tummy can finally feel yummy again.

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